Click on the Start Listing option displayed in the upper right-hand corner on our Home Page (you can see this option only you have received Seller Access). Then follow the below steps:
Enter Product Type, Category, Platform/Technology and Product Name,
Then go to the Pitch Section where you will be required to enter the title and description for your product,
Click on save and proceed to the Files section where you will be required to upload Thumbnail, Screenshot(s), and After Purchase Deliverables (license, installation guides) to our secured servers,
Then, go to Demo and Tags section to enter a Live Preview Link and Tags for your product listing (tags are the keywords directly related to your product which make it easier for the buyer to discover your product on Traderlo),
Head over to the Price and Comments section where you can set your product price (in USD) for personal and commercial licenses and extended support, and then click on submit.
Once your submission is complete, Traderlo will review and approve it within 48 hours. After approval is done, the seller will receive a confirmation email. You can always check the listing status under the Selling Activity tab.
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