Once you buy or sell a product on Traderlo, you can check the transfer status in the My Activity tab as follows:

A buyer can check the status in Buying Activity → My Orders → Track. As soon as you place an order followed by successful payment, you can track your order to know which stage of transfer it is at. After you receive the domain, please confirm to acknowledge the completion of the process.

A seller can check the status under Selling Activity → Customer Orders → Track. You need to confirm details in the tracking screen after the order has been placed by the buyer and payment has been successfully made. To initiate the transfer, traderlo will confirm with you if you have sent all the necessary information before the transfer. As soon as you confirm, the domain will transfer immediately. Once the buyer confirms the receipt of the domain, then Traderlo will release your payment and credit it to your account, which can be checked under the My Finance tab.
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