Once your domain listing is approved, you will receive an email link to your listing. You can always check the status of your listed domain in My Listings under Selling Activity Tab. It could be at any of the
following stages:
Draft: The product listing details are yet to be completed.
Verified: The product’s ownership has been confirmed. They can be listed by applying for basic or premium promotion under ‘Actions’.
Pending Approval: The product is yet to be approved by Traderlo.
Listed: The product listing has become live.
Expired: The product listing period has lapsed and can be renewed under ‘Actions’.
Award: After the auction ends, choose the auction winner under ‘Actions’.
Sold: Your product has been sold on Traderlo.
Transferred: The buyer has confirmed the receipt of product following successful transfer.
Rejected: The product will not be listed because it does not comply with our Terms and Conditions. For more information, please visit Help Center.

Please note, If you are still unable to find it, please check your junk and spam folders before contacting
our support team at help@traderlo.com.
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