In case of free listings, the user shall deem to have violated the listings rules and the listing if:
If the domain is expired
If the domain doesn’t belong to the user
If the domain doesn’t meet the lawful nature
If the domain or domain description shows racism, bias, or any misleading information which directly or indirectly hurt or harm any community
If the domain belongs to someone else or doesn’t belong to the rightful owner.
If the domain is banned by government bodies or by any other country
If domain promotes any illegal activities or promotes terrorism or related activities including but not limited to dacoity, theft, robbery, burglary, etc.,
If domain transmits any virus or trojans or such dangerous threats
Such other reasons are violative of then prevailing Law.

Please note, Traderlo holds the right to delist the asset if the asset is found illegal, misconduct, or fraud in nature. Further ban or prohibit or restrict such users from participating in any future listings. Listings shall include both auction-based and non-auction-based.
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